About Me


Lifestyle photography is a modern approach which captures natural, relaxed images – it goes beyond what a child looks like and captures who they truly are at that particular moment in time. It does not rely on traditional poses, or props, but rather watches and waits for the special moments that define who they are as an individual or within a family.

Lifestyle photography captures your child’s spirit which cannot be contained on a backdrop or bound by studio walls. When you invest in our professional photography you are investing in a piece of Art to be enjoyed over a lifetime.

Angela Stubbs Photography is all about a personal service (and professional results) that is as unique as your child. No two photographic sessions are the same as no two subjects are the same.

We are based in the lovely village of Bishopthorpe, just outside York. We tend to work within about 50 miles of York, including Harrogate, North Leeds and York, but am open to locations.

My photography is all about personal service. I am strongly opposed to the hard-sell techniques used by “high street photographers” that make the whole process stressful and expensive. I want to work closely with you to understand your likes and dislikes and to exceed your expectations.

High quality results, best materials, relaxed environment and value for money.

My Favorite Quote

You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.

A bit about me

I was 8 years old when I got my first camera and from then on I was always the one documenting the school trips, parties, days out and family life. Years later, as friends and family began to have babies I was drawn towards photographing children more than anything else. But despite encouragement from those around me to ‘take this more seriously!’ I was too entrenched in corporate life to have the time or belief that my obsession could indeed become my ‘proper’ job.

But, with a change in career and the encouragement of the wonderful man who become my husband, along with many years of hard work, that is exactly what happened. I am still drawn towards photographing children above anything else, especially our young son Daniel.

How I work

I love to photograph children just being themselves. More than anything else, I want to give you images of your family that are ‘them’; a set of images that completely captures you as a family, what you like to do and how you respond to each other. I strive to capture genuine emotion and the true spirit of each little person I meet. I do this by working entirely on location, keeping everything very informal and using only natural light. In fact, I am pretty obsessed with natural light.

My candid, observational style could be described as ‘A day in the Life’ or more usually ‘A morning in the Life’ of my clients. My aim is to slip into your family day without fuss or any sense of occasion. That way the children (and adults) quickly relax without feeling a need to perform for the camera.
I like to take time to connect with the children and I like to keep things simple. Most of my sessions take place at the family home and that’s how I like it. Home is where everyone is most relaxed and that comes across in my portraits. By allowing the children to just do their own thing while I observe, I am able to create very natural, relaxed portraits. I love photographing a family at home as this enables me to incorporate all the little details of your family life, little things that make your photographs unique to you. And so often it is the smaller details of childhood that become forgotten. I consider it an honour to be invited into my clients’ home and to be part of their life for that moment in time.

I choose to work only with natural light – certainly not the easiest option, but by far the most beautiful as only natural light creates the depth and shadows that I love in my work. This also allows me to move freely around wherever we are, capturing the little moments as they happen.
I love the challenge of working in a different location for each shoot. It keeps my work fresh, my creative juices flowing and makes each and every set portrait unique and personal.

I will create a set of images that completely captures the essence of you as a family, both as individuals and together…timeless images that will look as good when your children’s children enjoy them, as they do today.

I work throughout the year and am available on both weekdays and weekends. School holidays and weekends always book up quickly so if you have a specific time of year in mind please contact me as soon as possible.